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Hi Kids. I’m NugZee and I need your help.

Your Mission: Find and scan all 15 items on your Scavenger Hunt while shopping with an adult and earn NugZee GO! LOOT. Hoard or cash-in your LOOT at the end of your hunt for cool prizes.


Hey Parents.

NugZee GO! is a fun, safe and interactive scavenger hunt app/game specially designed to entertain your kid(s) so you can do what you need to do, shop.

NugZee knows that “Entertained kids = Less stress shopping for you”. To start, simply download the NugZee GO! app from the app store links above or search for NugZee GO! in your store. Make sure your GPS/Location mode is turned “ON” to play.

Commonly Asked Questions
Question: How much does NugZee GO! cost me to download and play?
Answer: Nothing, it’s FREE.
Question: Why isn’t the game working at a “Participating Store” location?
Answer: Make sure your phone GPS is turned “ON”.
Question: Can I play and win prizes at any grocery store?
Answer: Sorry, to earn NugZee LOOT and win prizes, the store must be affiliated with the NugZee Go! Program.
Question: Do I have to find and scan all 15 items before I can win a prize?
Answer: Yes, to redeem NugZee LOOT for a prize, you have to finish the hunt
Question: Will the game save all my earned Gold Coins?
Answer: Yes, once you finish the hunt any Gold Coins earned will be held or Hoarded until cashed-in for a prize.


**Important** Grocery stores must be affiliated with the NugZee GO! program to win prizes. To at least be able to play NugZee GO! in your store (although no prizes), simply contact us (below) and tell us the name of store, city and state and we’ll activate NugZee GO! for your next shopping trip. Also, tell store Management about NugZee GO! and we’ll let them know as well.

Still Have Questions? Request Your Store?

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